Wendy Bailey

On Monday, May 14, 2012, we had the honor of meeting Wendy, her husband Rob, and her mom, Judy; five days later (May 19) Wendy went to be with her Heavenly Father.

Wendy was able to participate in the interview process on a limited scale. She listened to stories as Rob and her mom filled us in on great memories. As we discussed projects that would create tangible mementos of these cherished times, Wendy smiled (or frowned), depending on our ideas, she also added comments and answered questions where she could.  During our meeting, we learned of Wendy’s battle with cancer, but more importantly, we learned of the great way she spent her earthly time.

Wendy and Rob would have been married for 24 years this June; God’s blessings allowed Wendy to be a mom to three beautiful girls, Jessica (17), Grace (14) and Ashley (14).  She enjoyed growing roses, hummingbirds, coaching her daughters’ soccer teams, watching sports and storm,  finding shark’s teeth, and she loved Christmas.  Several projects have been chosen to create lasting, tangible, memories of Wendy’s life, including scrap books, quilts of clothing, thumbprint charms, books of letters, and few more which are currently surprises for the girls (you’ll have to check back later to read more about them).

Please pray for all of Wendy’s family and friends as they go through their grieving and healing journeys.