Theresa McElrath

Lung Cancer was Theresa’s battle. At 43, she fought hard to stay here with her three children, Kris (18), Chase (12), and Kadi (4). It was Chase’s Guidance counselor that told the family about Let There Be Mom. On November 22, 2010, we had our first visit and Theresa decided on all of the projects that she would like to have done for her children.

Her list included: a video message, thumbprint charms, quilts made from photographs and clothing, Bibles (personalized for each child), and gifts for the future. We had just a short time with Theresa, but we worked quickly and she was able to be involved in all of her projects. We provided her a video camera on the day we first met with her and were able to get her thumbprints made the next day. Theresa picked out sixteenth birthday gifts, graduation presents, and wedding day treasures for her children. She was also able to select the clothing and photographs that would be used in the quilts. She chose the exact Bibles she wanted them to have and the inscriptions she wanted in them.

Except for the quilts, Theresa was able to see all of the items and give those which she meant for her children to have now, to them.

There is no doubt that Theresa is with the Lord, as she was a Woman of Faith.

Theresa passed away January 10, 2011; she was 43 years old.