Nicole Gerbode

Nicole is a 28-year-old wife and mother who is battling AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).  Her son is just 18 months old.

At our first meeting on September 9, 2011, Nicole’s youthful spirit was evident; possessing something that people are drawn to.  She is absolutely adorable and you can’t help but smile.

With her mom by her side, we were able to find some traditions that were caring over from her childhood into her own family.  Perhaps one of the funniest is the mac and cheese casserole, and the piece that seems to go missing at each holiday gathering.  The family isn’t  always sure if it has been eaten or hidden, but they say it will most certainly disappear.  To mark this very special family “quirk”, Nicole and her son will be painting a casserole dish, using their fingers to make macaroni noodles in the bottom (and of course, one corner will not be painted to signify the missing piece).

We have also captured impressions of Nicole’s thumbprints for charms.  Family pictures will be taken, scrapbooks will be made, and tree skirts will be created from family clothing.

It is an honor to be serving Nicole – we look forward to continuing to work with her, and pray that she is granted the miracle that could be waiting for her.