Shannon Runyan

We met Shannon in October of 2011 at his home.  With his wife Julie by his side, this 47-year-old Dad of two told us many of his favorite things: softball, golf, watching baseball with his son, yellow roses, Christmas, bar-b-Que chicken and Charleston.  And as you can probably imagine, his wife and two children, Claire and Nicholas top that list.

Together, Shannon and Julie decided on the perfect projects for their children.  We will have Christmas Tree skirts fashioned from Shannon’s clothing for each of the children, gifts for their wedding day, a book of letters from friends and family, thumbprint charms, a charm bracelet for Claire, a wooden box for keepsakes for Nicholas, and two unique pieces created to represent Shannon’s love of watching baseball with his son and the gift of a yellow rose for his daughter.

Shannon went to be with his Father in Heaven on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.  He will be missed by his family and friends, who despite their grieving, will celebrate the fact the Shannon is free from the pain scleroderma brought to his body.