Alexis Quartararo

In early August 2013, we had the honor of meeting Alexis at her friend Stacy’s home.  With her sister (Nori) and two of her best friends by her side, Alexis filled us in on her life experiences, her favorite things to do, and the people she had the honor of loving most, her husband (Anthony) and three children (Brooks, AJ, and Georgia).   The future weighed heavily on Alexis’ heart, wanting to be there for her children for milestones and accomplishments, so “gifts for the future” are a big part of what Alexis chose to focus on.  Her children will each receive a box, with notes and sometimes small gifts to open on special occasions – items they are sure to treasure and look forward to receiving.

Alexis also wanted her family to have tangible items for now – she selected thumbprint charms, books of letters and photographs, small framed pictures for each, and a playlist of her favorite songs saved on an engraved USB drive.  Love Shack was one of her favorite songs and her description of her and Anthony dancing around with their children in their arms while playing that song, brought smiles and laughter to all in the room.

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, Alexis traded her cancer-filled body for one free of pain and full of Great Joy and Love.  She was a courageous fighter that lived the life she was given to the fullest; that is what we learned about Alexis through her pictures, letters, and the brief time we had with her.  We are thankful for the mark that she left in our lives.

Continue to pray fro Alexis’ family and friends.  (see a video of Alexis)