Lindsey Motley

Lindsey Bates Motley, her name means so much, to so many.  We have the privilege of helping Lindsey preserve her legacy for her sweet baby girl, Lilla.  Our first meeting with Lindsey took place in March of 2015 in her home; it’s the kind of home that just hugs you when you enter.  The atmosphere is loving and cozy, it embraces an intentional simplicity that we soon learned was evident throughout Lindsey’s life.  Each project that Lindsey has chosen for Lilla will be given as a gift in the future and every one of them has a deep connection to her own life.  There’s a gift for Lilla’s first day in Kindergarten (it involves a bear that Lindsey was given by her Dad on her first day of Kindergarten and flowers in a special vase that Lindsey & Lilla will create together), a book of letters that Lindsey is writing to Lilla offering words of encouragement, wisdom, and celebration, a cutting board with two special recipes etched on it (Nanny Noodles & Peanut Butter Balls), a wedding gift and a gift for Lilla’s first baby, and of course, a thumbprint charm necklace.  Pray for Lindsey & her family as she fights at just 28 years old to beat Stage IV Colon Cancer.