Courtney Turner

July 12, 2017, is when we first met Courtney.  From her first words, it was easy to tell she would be a joy to work with.   She adored her husband (Brad) and their daughter (Nola).  She fostered a love of learning in Nola and encouraged her to be a thinker.

Courtney was very intentional about the projects she selected for Nola – there were gifts for now, the thumb print charm (engraved with “I love you to the farthest quasar”), a stuffed bunny made from clothing, & quilt, also made using clothing.  And then there are many gifts that Nola will receive in the future marking significant milestones like transitioning from middle to high school, graduating high school, going away to college, graduating college, her wedding day, & a gift for when Nola becomes a mom.  The gifts will incorporate some of Courtney and the traditions she started with Nola during the brief time that they had together.  Nola was just 6 when Courtney passed away at the age of 39 on October 10, 2019.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve Courtney and for the encouraging words (listen below) for left for others who are considering using the services of LTBM.