Beth Lagrange

Beth’s initial Let There Be Mom interview took place in late March 2016. At 41 years of age, Beth was battling Angiosarcoma. We sat in her living room and learned of her love for lobster and Asian food, the joy she and her family got out of their hiking and camping trips, her strong faith, and her favorite moments with each of her children, Lucas (then 11) and Ansley (then 6).

The brainstorming began and continued over the next several months. Beth put great thought into the treasures she had us make for her children. Gifts for milestone birthdays and special occasions, including 13th birthdays, Driver’s license, Sweet 16, Eagle Scout, HS Graduation, Weddings, & First Babies, have all been selected. Beth had the opportunity to spend some time writing letters to her children as well.

Beth passed away on Christmas Day 2017.  Please keep her family in your prayers.