Holli Jenkins

At just 39 years old Holli has been fighting with breast cancer for nearly six years. Having beaten it once, it returned again in 2008. Holli has a seven-year-old son who helps to fill her days with his big smile and cuddle time.

Holli has a way about her that makes this world a better place. Though she is currently unable to drive and her outings are very limited, she spends time volunteering for local schools, she says, “Whatever they can bring to my house to do, I will do it”. In addition to impressing us with her willingness to serve others, Holli’s desire to preserve her legacy for her son is inspiring.

Some of the ways in which Let There Be Mom is helping Holli to capture her life’s journey include making a quilt of her t-shirts (from breast cancer walks, of course), creating thumbprint charms, providing stepping stone kits to mark her love of the outdoors, giving a voice recorder so that she can record some conversation time with her son, a photographer went to her home to capture Holli’s most treasured time with her family (weekend morning snuggle time), recipes have been typed up by volunteers to have bound in a book, and Holli’s favorite quotes have also been compiled. These quotes will fill a piece of pottery that Holli herself created when she was in college – the pottery will be set on a wooden stand with a plaque marking it as “Inspiring Words from Mom”.

As we continue to serve Holli, please pray that God will bless her with healing.