an event for Mom 2019 is where you get creative with a way to support LTBM.  You plan an event, that doesn’t fit into the Dine IN for Mom category, and invite your family, friends, and co-workers to join you in supporting local moms and dads who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.  an event for Mom could take place at a park, a church, your office, or another local business.  It probably doesn’t involve you cleaning your house, and might not even involve food.

Ideally, it takes place during the 10 day window from March 28 – April 7 (if you need to stretch outside those dates, please let us know).  The type of event you plan is completely up to you, although we do need to approve your event to be sure the theme supports the values of LTBM (mud wrestling would be a “No”).  Invite your favorite people to your LTBM fundraising event.  Enjoy each other’s company while you celebrate life and make a difference to future LTBM families.

How to get signed up…

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Call (864-608-9819) or email us to get approval.  Pause….
  3. Once approved, share the deets (day, location, plan) with us using our on-line registration form
  4. We will add your event to the list of functions (without the details – just by name only.  For Example: Painting for Mom, Cycling for Mom, or a 5K for Mom).
  5. We will send you a link to the donation page for an Event for Mom/Dine In for Mom that you can include with your guests’ invitations..

Then What?

  1. Your favorite peeps will surely support your efforts, whether they can make it to the event or not.
  2. There’s a little competition between hosts to see who can raise the most money (or goal is to have 50 events going on, each raising an average of $500).  That’s so doable – think that’s 10 couples donating $50 each, or 20 friends each giving $25.  You’ve got this!
  3. We will provide you with a link to our “information video”  you can share this in your invitation, or choose to show it at your party.
  4. We will also have an on-line silent auction for the duration of an event for Mom/Dine IN for Mom.

Need some ideas? 

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, only to get your creative juices flowing.  You can choose to have your event only open to your invitees or make it open to the public.  If it’s “public” we will add it to our website and eblast.

A Cake/Cookie Decorating or Cooking Class!

See if a local business would be willing to help you host this.


Try hosting a bowling fundraiser.

A Fitness Class!

See if one of our gyms would host a “free” private event, sample class, where you invite participants and they pay a class fee which all gets donated to LTBM!

A Painting Night!

Get your brushes ready Picasso!  There are many local artists that would work with you to pull this one off.

Easter Egg Decorating/Hunt!

Gather the kids, have parents donate filled eggs.  Everyone makes a donation to be able to hunt!

Wear Jeans to Work!

Have everyone in the office donate $5 for the right to ear jeans to work for a day – or maybe $20 to wear jeans to work for the whole week.